The Fayetteville Doulas is an exclusive doula agency supporting the growing families of Fayetteville NC and surrounding areas through modern, personalized support and expertise. We’re driven by professionalism and authenticity, and we’re ready to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our Core Values


The Fayetteville Doulas is proud to be a departure from the traditional. Our doulas are current and knowledgeable in the latest parenting & birthing trends and share a philosophy of modern inclusiveness. We’re the perfect fit for our modern clients. 


We’re not a cookie cutter agency and neither are our clients. We know our clients and their family come with their own specific needs and goals. We work with our clients and their providers as a team to develop a personalized plan with clear, attainable goals and how to achieve them.


Our doulas are up-to-date on recommendations from the Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, & trained and certified through professional doula organizations. They are prepared to draw from their training, education, and experiences to provide skilled, unbiased and judgement-free support to all clients.

Ready to Meet the Team?

Our team consists of professionals from various backgrounds who have a passion for the work they do. All members are committed to providing modernpersonalized, and expert care to the families of Fayetteville and surrounding areas.

Melissa Cruz— Birth & Postpartum Doula, Placenta Encapsulation, Belly Binding, Childbirth Educator, Breast Pumps

Felicia Kelly— Birth Doula, Postpartum Educator

Radiance Sampson — Birth & Postpartum Doula, Placenta Encapsulation, Childbirth Educator

Emily Moncada — Birth Doula

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Thank you for helping us get an experience we didn’t imagine was possible. Having a natural birth was the goal but not expected, and I’m so proud of how we all worked together to bring Edie into the world.” –AS, Fayetteville, NC

“She helped me set expectations about labor and delivery, which I believe ultimately helped me get through it so well.” –MP, Raeford, NC

“Melissa was my doula for the birth of my first child. I don’t know what I would have done without her. Like most new moms I went to the hospital way too early. Melissa met me back at my house after I got discharged even though it was 3am. She kept me calm and helped me labor at home for the next 12 hours.” –BP, Fayetteville, NC

“I had a unique birth experience and I loved how Melissa was very adaptive to my situation. She made a couple of visits to the hospital before and after I had the baby. She brought me books to read helped me to be ok with potentially having an emergency c-section. She was in the hospital just 30 min after my husband texted her in the middle of the night.” –AM, Southern Pines, NC

“The instructor (Melissa) was very knowledgeable and personable. She made us feel at ease and answered all of our questions.” –JN, Cameron, NC

“I am soooo proud of myself, this delivery was life changing for me! I couldn’t have done it without you! Even the nurse noticed that I changed when you got here! I was just waiting for you to tell me what to do and I trusted that you would help me through the delivery.” –LJ, Fayetteville, NC

“Comfort measures class was small and very helpful for positions. Birth doula was supportive and key in my birth for assistance with comfort measures and maintaining calm and peaceful environment. Very knowledgeable and supportive….peaceful and positive.” –RS, Fayetteville, NC

“100% recommend this company. Melissa is wonderful. . . . her support, knowledge, and guidance were crucial.” –SK, Fayetteville, NC

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