You’re home and settling into life with a newborn, congratulations!

But now what?

Postpartum doulas are a wonderful addition to any family dynamic. Our postpartum doulas care for the whole family–mom, partner/spouse, older children, family pets, extended family. And here at The Fayetteville Doulas we know our clients are unique individuals who require personalized care. But how do you know if you’ll truly benefit from a postpartum doula or not?┬áHere are 5 signs:

  1. You work best when someone is around to chit chat and keep you company or you work best alone. In either case, a postpartum doula can help! Need someone to refill your coffee cup, tend to baby and chat about anything and everything? Your postpartum doula is a perfect fit. Or maybe you are dying to get into the spare room and organize it but you just can’t find the time because, baby. Or chores. Or dinner. Your postpartum doula can help with that too! Many of our shifts involve working along side our client or tending to baby so our client can return to a version of pre-baby normalcy (even if only for a few hours).
  2. You feel overwhelmed with daily household tasks such as unloading/loading the dishwasher, laundry, sweeping or vacuuming, grocery shopping or meal planning, de-cluttering. When your postpartum doula arrives, she’ll ask you “what are your goals today? what do you want to accomplish?” Sometimes the answer is “a nap!” or it is a laundry list of tasks that have been pushed to the side for weeks because all you can accomplish lately is feeding baby and trying to get them to sleep. Whatever your goals are, your postpartum doula can help you achieve them.
  3. You have two hands but just as many, or more, children! Maybe you just need an extra set of hands for your grocery shopping trip. Having someone who is an expert in newborn care and postpartum recovery available to help tend to your newborn so you (and your partner/spouse) can focus on your older children can make a world of difference. If you have family visiting, let your postpartum doula take care of the house and meals so grandma, or aunts/uncles can spend time with you and your family.
  4. You are feeling unsupported in your choices and need some unbiased, outside perspective and judgement free support. Many times family and friends visit in the first few weeks after baby’s arrival. Their (often) unsolicited advice can be overwhelming and sometimes downright annoying. You can turn to your postpartum doula for some real unbiased support. And after the friends and family leave, your postpartum doula is still available to you for continued support. We’ll never make choices for you, but we can help you as you find your way and make a decision that is best for you and your family.
  5. You just need a day off! Sometimes we just need a break. Many people who aren’t fully educated on what a postpartum doula really is refer to us as glorified babysitters. But guess what? There’s nothing wrong with being a babysitter. Support means different things to different people and sometimes we feel supported when we’re able to get away for a few hours. Maybe you need to reconnect with your partner? Or you just need some serious self-care because you’re always putting your partner and children first. Whatever the reason, we have no issues watching after your kids while you recharge. You’ll probably even come home to a clean kitchen, prepped snacks or meals, folded laundry, or any other task that needs to be done.

Postpartum doulas are not just for the first weeks of postpartum recovery. We’re firm believers that just about any family with young children can benefit from a postpartum doula. Let us know how we can help!

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