A home birth isn’t for everyone — maybe you have medical complications, maybe you just prefer the reassurance of having hospital staff a few steps away, or maybe you have some other reason for preferring a hospital. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a touch of home into your hospital room! Here are a few ideas for how to soften what is often a harsh box of fluorescent lights and linoleum!

1. Hire a doula! Of course we would suggest this idea 😉 Having someone in your corner who can help you speak up for your needs and desires can help you feel like less of a number and more of a person even in a big, busy hospital.

2. Bring part of home to the hospital! Take along your favorite pillow, blanket, and robe, a nice fuzzy towel, or a favorite photo or two. A reminder of home may be very comforting during labor.

3. Set the soundtrack. Bring a Bluetooth speaker or even a CD player and put on your favorite radio station, playlist or podcast.

4. Toss the gown. In most cases, you should be able to bring your own gown to labor in — especially if you are able to buy one designed for the purpose that can open everywhere it might need to. Of course, keep in mind that this garment won’t make it out of the hospital looking pristine! But sometimes it can be a great comfort just to wear your own clothes. Your doula, midwife or OB can give you tips on what you can wear.

5. Your favorite food or drink. You may be limited to ice or water for a period, but the first delightful food and drink you’re allowed doesn’t need to be hospital fare — you can send your support person for your favorite cappuccino and sushi or bring along a favorite tea or cookie!

Want more tips? We’ve got them! Our doulas are a wealth of “been there, done that” knowledge when it comes to births and what works and doesn’t work in a hospital setting. We can’t wait to work with you and your birth team.

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