Hi guys!

First off, thank you for taking the time to read this and learn a little bit more about me and why I’ve decided to give away an Instant Pot.

For those of you who don’t know, I have four kids and I am a single parent. My ex husband recently moved out of the area (even after a divorce, you’re still at the mercy of the military…) and so I am responsible for 99% of all.the.things. in my house, add that to running a successful business and the words tired, overwhelmed, busy, and exhausted don’t even begin to describe life. I’m often asked “how do you do it?” or “where do you find the time??” and I honestly don’t know. It is just one of those things where you just do it, because, honestly, who else is going to? No one.

2017 was an incredibly hard year for me. My newly launched doula agency (transitioning from a solo doula business to a team was hard, y’all!) was in its infancy and things were slow. So so so slow. My kids and I were lucky as we had great friends and family to help us through it, and yes… government assistance was a huge help as well. Each and every client last year was a literal game changer in our quality of life. 

Last year I wasn’t in a place to splurge on anything, let alone an Instant Pot. The thought of buying one at any price point was ludicrous. The irony of being able to benefit greatly from something but truly unable to afford it…. guys, I wish I could explain it better but it is one of those things that unless you’ve been through it you really just don’t have any clue. Fast forward to this year–and oh, what a wonderful year it has been in comparison!–and I could afford it and I so so so so wish I would have had one last year. 

I can put food in it, walk away and help my kids with their home work, or play with them, or sit and watch TV with them, or even answer e-mails! It is a huge time saver and stress-reducer not to have to stand at the stove and watch over the food. When I come home from being gone all day meeting clients and working to discover I didn’t defrost any chicken for dinner, I don’t have to spend money on fast food or pizza, or settle for making frozen chicken nuggets and boxed mac & cheese. I can give my kids real, fresh, delicious food. 

My privilege does not go unrecognized. 

I owe a good portion of my success this past year to those of you on Facebook who like & share our events and funny posts. Y’all share my breast pump information, you refer clients who value my experience, professionalism, and the services my team and I provide. I may not give away free services like a lot of the birth community thinks I should, but I have big plans for The Fayetteville Doulas to give back in other ways. By supporting me, by supporting my business, you are supporting our community. 

My hope for this giveaway is that you’ll think about the families in your life who may be struggling. Have you checked in on them recently? Have you offered to help? Have you thought about the mental and emotional impacts of that offer, even if they decline the help (I assure you, they’re going to appreciate the offer more than you’ll ever know).

I’d love this IP to go to a single mom who is busting her ass to support herself and her kids. But, feel free to nominate anyone you think would truly benefit from this gift. Email me at melissa@fayettevilledoulas.com with their name. That is all I need but you are welcome to share a story about why you are nominating them.

Please be local to Fayetteville (or surrounding areas as you’ll need to meet me in Fayetteville to pick up the IP). I am not shipping it.

You can nominate yourself. 

You can nominate a single father, a struggling family, a military spouse whose husband is never home.

I’ll randomly pick one winner on December 20, 2018. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday season. 

-Melissa Cruz

Owner, The Fayetteville Doulas

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