Many of our birth doula clients and childbirth education clients ask us where they can go to read birth stories. Some are searching for medication-free birth stories, some want to read about cesarean births, some want to hear about adoption or surrogacy. Others just want to commiserate with other birthing individuals over the power, uniqueness, and individualized event that is giving birth and welcoming a new little person into your life. Some of our featured stories are from clients, and some may detail what the writer would describe as trauma. 

My Birth Story… Addison Lyn

Saturday February 17, 2018. 39 weeks 4 days and so ready to meet this baby. With fear of an induction on Monday, I decided to go on a walk that morning to see if I could get things going. No deal. Carried on with the rest of my day to include several squats along the way! Later that afternoon I decided to take our little dog Lucy on another walk. This time I figured I’d go a little farther and do the hills in our neighborhood too. About halfway up the second hill, I felt like I peed my pants a little. “Was that my water?” I thought to myself. A few more steps and more leaking but still not sure. I continued on my walk and make my way down the hill and decide to call my husband. “Peter I think I’m leaking we may be having this baby tonight.” He asked if I wanted him to come to get me I told him no I’m walking this baby out! I get almost home and then a gush. Oh yea, that’s my water for sure my pants were soaked. I walk in the door from my 2-mile walk (yes I’m crazy) and yell, “baby, we’re having this baby!”. This was 6:15pm. My contractions hadn’t started so I didn’t feel in a rush. I took a shower, Peter loaded the car, and then we had dinner.

By the time we got to the hospital, it was 8:45pm. They check me and sure enough, it was my water but I’m only 2cm dilated. They admit us and get in a room. Peter called our doula Melissa and she headed to the hospital. My birth plan was to go natural as long as I could but not feel bad if I needed something for the pain. Basically, I wanted to feel labor.  

I decide to walk the halls to see if we could get contractions started. We walked for an hour… nothing. Contractions finally started about midnight and boy did they come on strong. Within no time they were 1 minute apart. They check me again at 5am, still 2cm. I couldn’t believe it. At this point, I’ve been having constant contractions for 5 hours and I’m exhausted but my body just isn’t cooperating. At 10am they check me again… still 2cm! I’m in complete disbelief. Melissa even said she thought for sure I’d be a 6 or 7 with how close and long my contractions were.  I’m so nauseous and now vomiting from the pain. I’ve been in labor for 16 hours and still 2cm! I requested nitrous to try and relax me during the contractions hoping that maybe my body would start responding. It doesn’t take the pain away by any means but just relaxes you for the few seconds you use it during a contraction. Honestly, it didn’t really work for me and just made me sicker. 

At 12:30pm they checked me again and I’m 3cm. I’m in complete disbelief. 18 hours of labor and I’m 3cm. At this point, I’m completely drained and haven’t slept in over 28 hours. I feel like I have nothing left and I’m scared. I’ve never been more scared in my life.  Scared this baby will never come out. Scared I’m going to be in labor for days. My husband even said after the delivery, “I was prepared for you to be in pain but I wasn’t prepared to see you scared.”  I beg them to just cut her out. I’m desperate. “Please just give me a c section. Please just take her out.”  In between a contraction, I tell my husband and Melissa, “listen, I’m not having a contraction right now and I’m thinking clearly. I want an epidural and I’m serious.” I wanted to feel labor and I’ve done that. 

At 1:30pm I finally get an epidural after laboring over 19 hours. I remember the doctor coming in to give it to me and I just wanted to hug his neck. I found out later that the only reason they agreed to give it to me at 3cm is that they thought they were going to end up doing a c section because it had been 19 hours since my water broke and my body wasn’t dilating. This way if they did I wouldn’t have to be put under anesthesia. I remember breathing through a contraction as the epidural was being placed. It was so hard not to move. I was terrified. 

After the epidural was sweet relief. All three of us were exhausted and completely drained. We were all finally able to get some very much needed rest.

At 6:30pm, just over 24 hours since my water broke, they check me again. They pull my legs back. “There’s the head she’s crowning! Don’t push, don’t push!” The nurse yelled.  In 5 hours I went from 3cm to fully dilated. My body needed the epidural to relax and do what it was made to do. All of a sudden the lights were on and the room was buzzing with people. Peter looks at me, “we’re going to have a baby… baby”. I burst into tears with a mix of excitement and fear of what’s about to happen next. 

At 6:42pm I started pushing. Peter and Melissa, my rocks through this labor, still by my side. I literally couldn’t have done it without them. 32 minutes of pushing and she’s here! Perfect in every single way. They lay her on my chest, she cries and looks up at me. She stops crying at the sound of my voice. She knows me. She knows my voice. We take one look at her and in that moment know her name. Addison Lyn Korch. Welcome to the world little girl.

Over 25 hours of labor, 19 hours unmediated. I feel like a warrior that just won the battle and was gifted the ultimate prize. The sweetest baby girl I’d ever seen. Over 2 1/2 years we fought for this baby through tests, fertility treatments, doctor appointments, SS and two heartbreaking miscarriages. I feel complete and so ready for this next chapter of life. 

Life is good.

Shella Lyn Korch


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