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  1. Birth Story x4

    I guess I’d say clients ask me about my own personal birth stories is about 50% of the time. It’s usually when they have questions about epidurals, or are wondering what to expect when they get an epidural that I let them know I’ve had three of them. Most of the time I see a

  2. Considering a Home Birth?

    These last few weeks have been filled with uncertainty. But one thing you know for certain is that you’re going to give birth. You may be having second thoughts about your chosen hospital and find yourself considering birthing at home. You’re not alone! Families all over our area are asking questions and seeking information about

  3. Safety Tips for those Parenting or Pregnant in Flu & COVID-19 Season

    It’s easy to be frightened after hearing about the novel corona virus (or COVID-19) in the news every day, especially if you’re pregnant or caring for a baby. But there are precautions you can take. Many are no different from precautions that would be wise during any flu season, but worth reviewing in any case!

  4. Pregnancy Travel Tips

    Are you planning one last getaway with your partner before your baby arrives? Maybe you planned that cruise to the Bahamas right before you found out you were pregnant? Or maybe you’re traveling for work? Travel can be stressful. Add in pregnancy and the stress level can climb. If you’re pregnant and traveling, there are

  5. Valentine’s Day Ideas

    Five Low-Effort Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special  Are you pregnant this Valentine’s Day, or solo parenting due to a deployed spouse, or maybe you’re just plain exhausted? Here are a few ideas for making the holiday special that doesn’t require dressing up or hours of cooking or even a partner if you don’t have

  6. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea: What You Should Know

    You may have heard of this herb or the popular tea found in most grocery and health food stores. Clients often ask about Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (RRL) and whether or not it will help to induce labor or at least help labor move along. It is important to note that there’s not a whole

  7. Braxton and Hicks Walk into a Bar

    …..and nothing happens! But is that really true? In my early days of doula-ing, I was sitting with a client during one of our prenatal visits. She had a question about Braxton Hicks contractions and was concerned they would turn into preterm labor, or that she wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them

  8. Give Experiences Instead of Things Part Four: Food

    If there’s one thing I’ve grown tired of as my kids have gotten older, it is the twice-a-year Great Toy Purge. Cathartic, sure. But the sense of being swallowed whole by a sea of toys and THINGS is definitely something I can do with out. Once the Great Toy Purge is over, I feel so

  9. Give Experiences Instead of Things Part Three: Adventures

    Do you like the idea of gifting experiences instead of things? Perfect! Because we’re compiling a list of local suggestions to help you fill out your holiday wishlists. Today’s topic: adventures! (Be sure to check out our previous posts about Museums and Gyms, too!) Sometimes everybody needs a little adventure in their life. Why not