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  1. Common Intervention in Childbirth: Part II

    This is part 2 of our Common Interventions discussion. Check out our part 1 (here) where we discussed IV fluids and continuous fetal monitoring. For part 2, we’re going to take a look at AROM and IV Pain Meds. If there are other interventions you’d like more information on, let us know! AROM AROM or

  2. Common Interventions in Childbirth: Part I

    What do you think of when you hear the word “intervention”? You may think interventions are unnecessary, and that they’ll lead to more interventions. Or maybe you feel like they’re necessary, or that your provider needs to be the person deciding when to use an intervention. A good way to view interventions is to think

  3. Four Reasons Why You Should Try Infant Massage

    As doulas, we know the benefits of touch in pregnancy and labor. It can soothe aches and pains, it can provide physical support, it can be a reminder to relax and release tension, and it can increase oxytocin. We also know touch has many benefits for baby as well–it promotes bonding, and it can help

  4. Prenatal Testing: Group B Strep (GBS)

    What is GBS “Infection” can be a scary word, especially in pregnancy. Group B Strep (Group B Streptococcus, or GBS) is a transient bacteria that can “come and go”. A person can test positive temporarily, or consistently and having colonization does not mean there is or will be an infection. Most of the time the

  5. Fetal Kick Counts

    One of the more exciting milestones in pregnancy is feeling your baby move. First fetal movements can usually be felt between 16-25 weeks of pregnancy. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not feel movement until closer to 25 weeks. Some individuals—those who have had a baby before, for example—may feel movement as early

  6. Fenugreek—Should You Take it or Avoid it?

    The role of a doula does not include recommending medications or supplements. It does include providing information, when asked, so clients can make their own informed choices. Fenugreek is one supplement we’re asked about a lot. It almost always comes up in conversation with clients, or in our Infant Feeding class, and even during breast

  7. Are Ultrasounds Risky?

    The use of a fetal doppler in pregnancy can give valuable information to both you and your medical provider. But does using a ultrasound or a fetal doppler “for fun” pose any dangers to baby, and if so, are there any alternatives? Background As a very basic explanation, a doppler is a form of ultrasound

  8. Single Parenting: Tips to Thrive By

    Everyone knows single parenting is hard. Few people choose to do it willingly and those who do likely have a strong support system lined up. But what if you don’t? What if single parenting is a new, unexpected challenge?  You may find yourself as a short term “single parent”, or a long term real single

  9. The Fundal “Massage”

    “Heyyyyy, let me take a quick peek at your bleeding and give your uterus a little rub…” your sweet L&D nurse says to you. Blissfully unaware of anything other than your brand new squishy baby, you reply “yeah…ok…” not thinking twice about what “little rub” really means….. Often times I hear birthing people say they