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  1. Give Experiences Instead of Things Part Two: Gyms

    A lot of folks like the idea of gifting experiences instead of things, so we’re compiling a list of local suggestions to help you fill out your holiday wishlists. Today’s topic: gyms! (check out Part One: Museums) Here are a few ideas for places for your kids to get their wiggles out, ranging from more

  2. Give Experiences Instead of Things Part One: Museums

    There might be several reasons why you might want to give your family experience gifts instead of physical objects — maybe you don’t have the space, maybe you would like to spend your free time doing something new together, maybe you’re tired of stepping on tiny plastic doll shoes and blocks. Whatever your reason, we

  3. Wondering about Water?

    Few things are as relaxing as a nice warm bath, which is one of the reasons that water births may be of increasing interest to you. Anything that can reduce the stress of birth can help reduce birth complications. What are the specific benefits of water birth, and how can it be done safely? The

  4. Let’s Get Cheesy

    In the process of creating a birth plan, many new parents are surprised at how many choices and options are available to them. One of those options is delaying baby’s first bath. You may not have even thought about this before now and you may be wondering why anyone would ever want to delay cleaning

  5. Three Things I Wish I Had

    It’s been a while since I had a baby and things sure have changed since I was pregnant with my oldest 20 years ago. When you have your babies spaced out like I did (born in ’99, ’07, ’11, ’12) you experience changes in parenting trends, professional recommendations, and accessibility to resources. I’ll tell you,

  6. Three Tips for Surviving Each Trimester

    Pregnancy is typically pretty uncomfortable and depending on where you’re at in your pregnancy you may be facing nausea, leg cramps, or an annoyingly itchy belly. In our childbirth education series we discuss many of these common “pregnancy complaints”. We also talk about when to expect them, why they happen, and what you can do

  7. Fall is (Almost) Here: Time to Think Pumpkin!

    Pumpkin spice is back on the menu, Halloween pop-up stores are appearing in strip malls and there is occasionally a cool, seventy-some degree morning! That must mean that fall is around the corner and it’s time to start pondering all the fun fall activities in our future. One classic activity with kids is visiting the

  8. Should I Take a Childbirth Class?

    Are you considering taking a childbirth class? What is holding you back? Perhaps you think they’re not necessary because either you’ve given birth before, or because you feel there are many resources available to you already. Or maybe you can’t seem to fit anything else into your busy schedule. Take it from us… in between

  9. Using Love Languages to Support Your Partner

    This one is for you, dads and partners! If your wife or partner just gave birth and you’re not sure how you can be most helpful or if you’re going back to work, leaving your partner at home with the baby, here are a few ways you can be a supportive spouse or partner. Of