If you have Tricare and need a breast pump, we can help!

We’ve partnered with Military Mommies to provide you with options for breast pumps, monthly Tricare-covered resupplies, pregnancy & postpartum support bands, and compression stockings.

Popular brands such as Medela, Spectra,

Elvie, Unimom, and more!

To qualify you need to be at least 27 weeks pregnant, have a prescription, and have Tricare as your only insurance.

If you already know which pump you want, you can begin the process by filling out THIS Tricare Verification/Eligibility form. After you complete the form, we’ll reach out to you and get your pump ordered! Don’t have a prescription? Don’t worry, we can help you obtain one.

I’m not sure which pump is right for me. I’d like to schedule a free breast pump consultation!