Doulas love birth! If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to be a doula. We all have to have some level of commitment and passion for the birth process. Some doulas are more interested in the emotions and feelings they feel as a result of attending a birth but I know that someone else’s birth is not about me. It isn’t my story. It isn’t my moment to shine. I am not addicted to those feelings and I don’t seek out clients to get “a fix”.

I wear a lot of hats… I am a mother, a birth assistant, an entrepenuer and business owner. I am a daughter, a friend, a sister. I am an animal lover. I am an independent rep for a medical supply company. I am a student, and I am an educator. I am a lover of great food and craft beer. But one thing I am not is a birth junkie.

The term “birth junkie” is thrown around like some badge of honor….like it is a good thing. Have you sat and thought about what a “junkie” is and what it is typically associated with? I am not out to get “high” off of birth. I’m not setting out to put myself into someone else’s story because it feels good to me or makes me feel a certain way. I’m not a birth doula because birth makes me happy, I am a birth doula because I enjoy supporting families.

Don’t get me wrong. My work is highly enjoyable, and I am always honored and grateful when clients hire my agency to provide services. Some of my favorite intimate moments of being a birth doula:

  • Seeing my clients’ (the birthing mother and her partner) faces light up when they connect the dots during our prenatal visits and begin to feel empowered and READY.

  • That emotionally charged moment when the birthing mother and partner catch each other’s eyes and instantly realize this is real labor and they’re about to be parents, FOR REAL.

  • When the partner looks at me, smiles with pride and relief and whispers “thank you.”

  • When the mom looks at me and her eyes well up and she beams with pride because she felt so supported and encouraged and powerful.

Yeah, the birth and the entrance into the world of the new baby are amazing. But birth is so much more than that! Can a junkie see the big picture and appreciate all of it?

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