Do you accept insurance? What payment methods do you accept?

At this time we are not set up to accept insurance. We accept PayPal, cash, credit cards or personal check. We also have a flexible payment plan available!

Will TRICARE pay for my doula?

TRICARE has made it pretty difficult to become an approved provider as a doula. At this time TRICARE will only cover doula services if the doula is an approved provider, AND if you give birth off post. They will not cover doula services if you give birth at a MTF.

Which areas do you service? What hospitals will you go to?

TFD serves all surrounding areas of Fayetteville and Fort Bragg, to include; Sanford, Southern Pines, Lillington, Cameron, Hope Mills and Raeford, Cary, Clayton, Whispering Pines. TFD will also attend all surrounding birth facilities; Cape Fear Valley, Womack MTF, Central Carolina Hospital, Moore Regional, WakeMed, Women’s Birth & Wellness Center, UNC Chapel Hill, and home birth with a CNM..

How is a postpartum doula different from a nanny or a baby nurse?

Baby nurses bring medical expertise to childcare while a postpartum doula is a non-medical professional who is trained to support new families. Nannies take over childcare responsibilities from the parents, while your doula will work to empower you as a parent.

I’m not sure I want to encapsulate my placenta, can I save my placenta and decide later?

Yes! Freeze your placenta ASAP after birth and it can be encapsulated anytime within a 6 month period. 

What are the benefits of having my placenta encapsulated in my home?

Transparency! You get to see the process first hand. Your placenta never leaves your sight and you are able to monitor all safety measures and watch the professional encapsulation process unfold in the comfort of your own home. TFD leaves your space clean and sanitized, and while we’re in your home we’re easily available for questions and concerns–you’ll receive a little taste of what postpartum doula services are all about! You do not have to be present for the encapsulation process if you do not want to be. 

When should I book doula services?

Most clients book birth doula services around 20 weeks, although some book earlier and some book later. For clients needing to make payments, we recommend booking services as soon as possible as this allows you more time to make payments. Booking early also ensures you are on our calendar, and you have our support during pregnancy as well.

How can I better explain your role as a doula to my husband/partner/family member?

Schedule a consultation with us! We can discuss how doulas are experts in childbirth, how we have built relationships with area hospitals and staff, and how we can support them as well by giving much needed breaks to eat and sleep as well as help them ask questions and provide appropriate comfort measures to you. 

I’m interested in a breast pump, and I have TRICARE. What do I need to do?

We can help! You’ll need a prescription that has your name, DOB, your EDD and/or number of weeks of pregnancy, as well as the appropriate diagnosis codes. The rx must also specify “double electric breast pump and supplies” in order for you to receive your monthly supplies that are covered by TRICARE. Contact us directly if you have any questions or need further assistance.