Encouraged. Supported. In control. Listened to. Empowered. Blissful. Happy. Meaningful. Strong. Guided. Able. Capable. Powerful. Focused. Comforted. Acknowledged. 

What if more people asked pregnant women this question in regards to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery? It’s true you can have a wonderful birth experience without a doula. But when you hire The Fayetteville Doulas you’re adding a valuable component to your birth team whose goal is providing unbiased support tailored to YOU.

Our support begins the moment you become a client. Your doula from The Fayetteville Doulas is on call for you the moment you become a client. What does this mean? It means your doula is available for questions whenever they may arise. Maybe your checkup didn’t go as smoothly as you wanted and you need to feel listened to? Or you are having some pregnancy-related discomfort and need some tips to help cope with it. You can utilize your doula to help you formulate questions to ask your provider so you can feel in control, and confident. Your doula is available to you!

The Resource Packet

When you become a client, you are given access (via a password protected client portal) to a comprehensive resource packet. You’re, of course, free to utilize this packet as much or as little as you’d like. You may find the information useful as you navigate your way in preparing for birth. There are links to articles and videos, birth plan worksheets, postpartum plan worksheets, visual aids, and other items that our past clients have all found very helpful.

Prenatal Meetings

We’ll meet with you twice during pregnancy. These meetings are generally scheduled between 34 and 38 weeks of pregnancy and last approximately one-hour each. (Read more about when to hire a doula here.) These meetings are a great way for us to get to know your personality and preferences! Our goal at the end of these meetings is for you to feel prepared, supported, and capable.

Our first prenatal meeting will help us gather more information about your history and what you expect from your doula during labor. Will she be focused on helping you cope with contractions, or will you want us to help keep your significant other focused and calm, or a little both of both? Or something else entirely? There are many ways we can support you and we’ll discuss what your goals might be and the steps we can take to reach them. Our clients often have questions about routine tests and procedures during pregnancy, and interventions that might be offered by their provider. We work through possible scenarios so you can be prepared for anything that might come up.

Our second prenatal meeting is typically focused on comfort measures, and labor positions. We can finalize your birth plan and help you devise a postpartum plan as well. This second meeting is also a great time to use your doula as a resource guide and gather information on local resources for postpartum recovery, babywearing, playgroups and whatever else you might need.

Continuous Birth Support

During early labor your doula will be in contact with you via phone and text to help you determine when you are ready for her to come to you and provide face-to-face support. She’ll be with you throughout your labor. Her focus will be on you. She’ll be there to help you decide when to head to your place of birth, and guide you as you make other necessary decisions. She’ll offer up different labor positions for you to try, utilize comfort measure techniques such as massage, counter pressure, verbal affirmations, encouragement, and assurance. She will also assist your significant other in providing comfort measures. If something unexpected happens your doula is there to help you process it and make a decision you’re comfortable with. Your doula will continue to provide in-person emotional support for up to two hours following the birth.


The support continues well into the first weeks of postpartum recovery. You and your doula will have one last meeting about 3-5 days following birth. Your postpartum visit is yours to use however you’d like; ask questions, have an extra set of knowledgeable and capable hands, practice babywearing, ask bottle or breastfeeding questions, or process the events of your labor and birth. We’re always available by phone or email should you need additional support.

Our clients are our first priority. When you’re ready to receive the best support possible, give us a call—we can’t wait to meet you!

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