Kristen is a certified birth doula through DONA International. She is a veteran military spouse of fourteen years and counting. She has five children; ranging from twenty-two to one, a dog and two cats. She is a proud New England sports team fanatic and reps her teams by season. Kristen came into doula work after being honored to attend a family members birth. She fell in love with supporting women through pregnancy and childbirth and has been hooked ever since. Prior to becoming a doula, she was a teacher and has worked in a variety of classrooms. Kristen tends to lean towards the crunchy side of life while balancing it with convenience-i.e. breastfeeding but still using disposable diapers. 

Just like all individuals, she has opinions on all things pregnancy and birth related, but her job is to support you in your choices, not impose her ideas. She will gladly give her thoughts if asked, but she trusts her clients in their ability to make decisions. 

If you’d like to meet with Kristen and learn more about her, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation!