Updated: November 2018

Did you know our area has several options when it comes to where you can give birth? We’re pretty lucky! And many of the options have now implemented (when safe to do so) immediate skin to skin, delayed cord clamping, and delayed first bath as standard procedure. All facilities even have yoga/birth balls and peanut balls. For Tricare members (military), you can choose to birth at Womack or switch to Tricare Select and be seen off post.  (A quick note about Tricare Select; you can now only switch during open enrollment or within 90 days following a Qualifying Life Event.)

If you’re interested in placenta encapsulation, all of these options are supportive of releasing placentas so you should have no issues.

In no particular order….

  1. Womack: Available to military families and one of the busiest military L&D units. L&D has birth balls, peanut balls, showers and most recently added nitrous. After birth, if there are no complications, standard procedure is to place baby immediately skin to skin for up to an hour. Delayed cord clamping is also an option. And Womack is supportive of placenta encapsulation if that is something you wish to do. OBs and midwives are available, and you’ll be seen at Womack OB for your appointments.
  2. Cape Fear Valley: Our local civilian option. Yoga balls and peanut balls are available but require an order from a provider, similar to an order for medication. There are several clinics (Jones Center for Women, Fayetteville Women’s Care to name a few) you can be seen at that deliver at CFV. Shop around for providers (OB or midwife) who meet your needs and are supportive of what you want your birth to look like.
  3. Moore Regional: Located in Pinehurst, it is a great option for both civilian and military families. It is a nice facility, and their labor rooms do have showers and some have tubs but they do not allow water births. There are no midwives available at this facility and you’ll pick from Pinehurst Surgical or Southern Pines Woman’s Health (many of our clients love Dr. Richburg and Dr. Lowery!) for a provider. This hospital has a unique Stork Nurse program for families who have a cesarean birth.
  4. Central Carolina Hospital: This smaller hospital is located in Sanford and has standard procedures similar to Womack–delayed cord clamping, immediate skin to skin, delayed bath, and releasing the placenta for encapsulation. The main office for providers (both OB and midwives) is Carolina Women’s (also located in Sanford, right across the street from the hospital). The midwives are very natural-minded. Tubs and showers are available and water birth is an option for low-risk clients. Our clients have loved Dr. Flanagan, and CNMs Janet and Amanda.
  5. Baby+Co: Baby+Company is located in Cary (across from WakeMed) and it is a fully equipped free standing birth center. This is a great option for low-risk clients who do not want the option for medication. Midwives at Baby+Co are supportive and naturally minded. Nitrous oxide, shower and a spacious tubs are available as a comfort measure tools. Many clients remain on site for only a couple of hours before being released. Baby+Co is a happy medium between a hospital birth and a home birth.
  6. Home Birth: The Fayetteville area its very own home birth CNM! Bella Donna Midwifery (based in Swansboro, NC) has a new location and office in Fayetteville at 2014 Hope Mills Rd. Michelle, the midwife, offers all women’s care services such as annual exams, and birth control in addition to prenatal care and birth.

Curious about the difference between an Obstetrician (OB) and a Midwife? Check out this quick article and remember that choosing the right provider and facility can make all the difference in your experience. The Fayetteville Doulas have attended births at all of these facilities. If you’d like more information about our experiences at any of these facilities, please contact us to set up a complimentary consultation. We’re happy to discuss your options with you and guide you through the process of finding a facility and provider that best meets your needs.

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