Placenta Encapsulation

Our placenta encapsulation specialists take great pride in the encapsulation process. They treat every placenta with the respect it deserves. We know our clients are capable of research and making choices that are best for them, and that is why we  offer the option to have encapsulation services done in the client’s home or their encapsulator’s home.

Whether in your home or in the encapsulator’s, proper labeling, handling, and sanitation guidelines are adhered to. Professionalism is important to us! Read more here.

Our encapsulation service includes:

  • proper instructions for packing and transporting your placenta
  • processing of placenta into 100-200 capsules using the Raw or TCM method of encapsulation
  • umbilical cord keepsake
  • standard (not color) placenta print
  • consumption guidelines
  • continued support via phone/email through postpartum recovery


Placenta capsules can be used to help:
– balance your hormones
– enhance milk supply
– increase your energy

Placenta capsules may also help:
– you recover more quickly from birth
– bring the body back into balance
– prevent the “baby blues”
– shorten postpartum bleeding
– assist the uterus to return to size
– increase postpartum iron levels

Clients who take placenta capsules report fewer emotional issues and enjoy a faster, more pleasant postpartum recovery. Clients and their families notice a marked improvement in overall feelings of happiness and well-being when taking placenta capsules.

Base Price: $275

Add on services

  • Placenta Tincture
    Use your placenta tincture to continue receiving the benefits of your placenta, even after you’ve consumed all of your capsules.  It takes 6 weeks to create the placenta tincture.
  • Placenta Salve
    Can be used for topical healing of; diaper rash, baby eczema, cradle cap, cuts and scrapes, cesarean incision, cracked and dry skin. Also used for skin restoration and for anti-aging benefits.
  • Color Placenta Print
    We use 100% food derived coloring to create your custom work of art. Each print uniquely different and beautiful…just like the placenta.

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