If you’re anything like me, you procrastinate. Not because you don’t want to do things, but because you prioritize and nothing is truly urgent until you’re out of time, haha. Truth be told, I don’t procrastinate on everything. Holidays and gift giving are things I’m terrible at getting taken care of in a timely matter. So it is no surprise that a few days before Easter I am finding myself, yet again, scrambling to gather Easter items for four¬†kids (though teenager doesn’t get a full basket anymore, and often finds the stash of treats before I–ahem, the Easter Bunny–can even assemble the baskets). *eyeroll*


Today as I was playing a game with my son, it occurred to me that I have a variety of “baskets” to choose from right here in the house. Though not new, they’ll serve the purpose. Traditionally, the kids all have an actual basket that they leave out for the Easter Bunny to fill. I cannot find our normal baskets. I really don’t want to go out and buy new ones. So this year, I’ll let the kids pick non-traditional baskets to leave out. Here are some of the ideas we’ve come up with.

For more generic and themeless baskets you can use the following:

Fireman Hat

Dump Truck

Rain Boots


Include the usual plastic eggs filled with candies, coins, temporary tattoos, stickers, small trinkets, a small puzzle, card game, flash cards, craft supplies such as glue sticks, scissors, pom-pons, googley eyes. Other items that have been favorites of ours: playdoh, bubbles, new crayons or markers, lip balm, finger paint, a favorite snack like goldfish crackers or fruit snacks. 

For themed baskets, I’ve come up with these ideas:

Pail/Bucket– add other sand toys such as a shovel or watering can, water balloons, sidewalk chalk, water gun, etc.

Beach Towel–roll a beach towel up so it is the size of a basket, and put a DVD or book down the middle of it so it has a bottom. Fill with beachy or pool themed items such as goggles, pool toys, sunblock, sun hat, flip-flops, etc.

Flower Pot–what kid doesn’t love to garden? Add seed packets, gardening gloves, a small shovel and watering can and you’re all set!

If you decide to go with one of these ideas this year, share it with us! Tag us on your Facebook or IG photos using #thefayettevilledoulas.



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