It’s easy to be frightened after hearing about the novel corona virus (or COVID-19) in the news every day, especially if you’re pregnant or caring for a baby. But there are precautions you can take. Many are no different from precautions that would be wise during any flu season, but worth reviewing in any case! So far there is no evidence that pregnancy increases the risk of contracting the disease or that infants are more at risk. Here’s what to do to keep yourself and your family safe:

5 Tips For Coping with COVID-19 or Flu

  1. Hand washing! It’s simple but can be hard to do properly. Try to wash your hands as you enter and leave public spaces. Be cognizant of touching door handles, elevator buttons, etc. Wash for at least 20 seconds and follow proper handwashing techniques. Make it a routine with your kids, too; singing songs can help!
  2. Be prepared for quarantine. In case you find yourself stuck at home for awhile, possibly with kids out of school or contagious family members, it couldn’t hurt to stock up on some shelf-stable food or freezer meals. If you don’t need it for quarantine, you can save the food for hurricane season! It’s also a good idea to brainstorm a few ideas for indoor entertainment while you have time. Make a Pinterest board you can refer to during hour three of “let’s set up an even more elaborate pillow fort.”
  3. If you do get sick with flu or another respiratory illness and you’re breastfeeding, it’s usually not necessary to stop breastfeeding. Speak with your doctor and take what precautions you have, namely wearing a face mask while feeding and washing hands thoroughly before feeding or pumping.
  4. If you are working, discuss with your employer if working from home is possible. Of course it’s not a possibility for many people, but if you have the kind of job that could be done at home, it’s worth having the conversation.
  5. If you find your anxiety is increasing because of the COVID-19 situation, try to limit social media and exposure to the news. Find some activities to distract yourself for a bit and practice deep breathing. Remember that it is ok to not be worried, but it is also ok TO be worried. 

And please know that we’re monitoring the situation as it pertains to us being able to provide services to our community and clients. Our group classes are still on schedule, and our doulas are still able to provide in-person support at all area hospitals as of now. 

Stay healthy, everyone!

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