What makes our method of belly binding better than other methods?

  • For one, the fabric is very customizable and can conform to any body shape unlike the stiffer commercially made support bands. As your body returns to its nearly pre-pregnancy shape, your wrap will conform to your adjusting figure. There is no need to buy different sizes. It is made of 100% cotton muslin fabric–-nothing synthetic.
  • This method also covers the entire abdomen area, plus some; from just under the bust line down to the hips, pelvis, and pubic bone area. It provides ideal support and full coverage.
  • The wrapping method and fabric used helps ensure lower back and posture support.
  • The mother’s mobility is restricted–not impossible!–so she is sure to rest. While it is easy enough to sit with the wrap on, it makes you sit straight, which is fabulous for mothers because it is so easy to slump over while feeding a new baby.
  • During pregnancy, the outer most abdominal muscles separate. The job of these muscles is to support your back and your organs; however, when they are separated they are weak and cannot do their job. To achieve a strong core, these muscles must be close together. Enter: belly binding.
  • We can’t minimize the emotional impact of wearing something beautiful…when you’ve not showered in 2 days and you smell like spit up, something so simple as a beautiful wrap can literally make you shine.
  • When you learn to wrap yourself, you are practicing self-care and self-help which can make a world of difference in your emotional and mental well being in the early weeks of postpartum recovery.

We offer 1-hour instructional appointments that include a basic un-dyed wrap for you to take home. The cost is $125.

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