From the moment you book birth doula services with us you receive continuous support. Your doula will help soothe your anxieties and answer your questions as you navigate through your pregnancy. Our doulas have attended births at all area hospitals and we work closely with partners to help ensure they are comfortable and confident as well. You’ll meet with your doula twice during your pregnancy, receive a personalized and comprehensive resource packet, and your doula is on call from the moment you book services.

When labor begins, your doula will be ready to assist you however you need. She can come to your home and help you decide when to head to the hospital or when to call your midwife/provider. Your doula is focused on you and is equipped with the knowledge and skills to help increase your comfort level as you labor. If things don’t go as planned, your doula is there to help you and your partner navigate the decision-making process and to provide essential emotional support.

After you’ve given birth your doula will stay with you for a short time, if you wish, and answer questions and help get you settled. Within a few days, she’ll follow up with you with a postpartum visit. During the visit, you can ask questions, and talk about your labor and birth. Your doula will reassure and encourage you as you begin to transition into a new family dynamic.

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