Pregnancy & Postpartum Fitness

We’re SO EXCITED to have partnered with the Military Outreach Mutu System (M.O.M.S.) to connect our clients to the MUTU System! We’re all about providing professional and expert support which makes the MUTU System the perfect addition to The Fayetteville Doulas.


What is the MUTU System?

Simply put, it is the “medically recommended post-baby recovery program”.

When Melissa, TFD owner, attended the very first MUTU Master Class hosted right here at Fort Bragg, she knew she had to share it with all our clients. The system is recommended by local pelvic floor physical therapists.

Do I have to have had a baby already in order to benefit from the program?

No! The program provides valuable support and exercises that can be done before and during pregnancy (with your provider’s OK) that will help strengthen your foundation–your core and pelvic floor muscles–in preparation for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery.

Ready to learn more about the program?

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