Looking for modern childbirth education classes that meet your needs?

Preparing for childbirth might be one of the most overwhelming and time-consuming tasks you’re faced with. While our community has great options for free classes, such as hospital-based classes, these can often be scheduled at inconvenient times, or are filled with information you won’t find useful or helpful.

What makes our classes different?

You tell us what your goals and priorities are!

Our childbirth class instructors are not employed by or affiliated with any area hospitals and present unbiased and up-to-date information that is important to you. You’ll leave the class feeling comfortable with the childbirth process and prepared to handle any outcome that may present itself.

Our Classes

  • 8-hour Childbirth Education Class

    Our 8-hour class is perfect for the busy client and can be broken up into 2 or 4 mini-sessions. Enjoy a comprehensive class with modern, evidence-based information and activities to prepare you for your birth experience and any childbirth scenario. Grab your birth partner and prepare for childbirth in the comfort of your own home and time convenient for you! Contact us to get a peek at our class outline and learn more.

  • 2.5-hour Comfort Measures

    Labor is painful. There is no denying that. But you can arm yourself with knowledge, tips, and tools whether you’re planning to go pain-medication-free or use medication. This class is a must for first-time parents. You and your birth partner will learn about communication tools while in labor and how to use them, labor positions and their benefits, and methods to ensure maximum comfort during labor. This class is an excellent stand-alone class or the perfect pairing to a traditional hospital-based class.


  • 2.5-hour Group Breastfeeding Basics

    Choosing to breastfeed your baby? Planning ahead by equipping yourself with an understanding of how breastfeeding works and collecting expert advice can go a long way in helping you meet your breastfeeding goals. Book your Breastfeeding Basics class and lay the groundwork for success. 


  • 2.5-hour Newborn Care Class

    Whether you’re starting out very inexperienced, or you’ve had a child before our Newborn Care Class meets you where you’re at in regards to newborn care with hands-on activities and up-to-date recommendations. We will help build your confidence and increase your knowledge base so that you can confidently care for your new baby.

  • Group Classes and Scheduling

    Interested in group classes or want to schedule a private class? Please contact us or call us at 910-920-0405 for pricing and scheduling.

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