What will I do with my older children when I go into labor?

This is a valid and common question many Fayetteville families are faced with especially if they are new to the area and haven’t made trusted connections within the community. The Fayetteville Doulas has a solution!

Adding a new member to the family can be exciting, overwhelming and even confusing for everyone involved. We’re committed to wholefamily support, and this includes the big brother or big sister. With our sibling doula services, your older children can feel included and comfortable as they adjust to welcoming baby brother or sister.

Our sibling doula package includes:

  • 1-2 prenatal “play dates” so your child can get to know his/her doula.
  • age-appropriate videos, books and other educational items for you and your child to utilize in preparation for labor and welcoming the new baby into the family.
  • on-call status from the moment you become a client so you’re supported no matter when you go into labor.
  • continuous labor support for your child in any setting that they are permitted to be at–this includes hospitals and birth centers.
  • one postpartum follow-up visit to assist in the adjustment period and answering questions from parents or the child.

Ready to learn more?

Our sibling doula services are ideal for children of any age. 

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