Give Experiences Instead of Things Part Three: Adventures

Do you like the idea of gifting experiences instead of things? Perfect! Because we’re compiling a list of local suggestions to help you fill out your holiday wishlists. Today’s topic: adventures! (Be sure to check out our previous posts about Museums and Gyms, too!) Sometimes everybody needs a little adventure in their life. Why not

Give Experiences Instead of Things Part Two: Gyms

A lot of folks like the idea of gifting experiences instead of things, so we’re compiling a list of local suggestions to help you fill out your holiday wishlists. Today’s topic: gyms! (check out Part One: Museums) Here are a few ideas for places for your kids to get their wiggles out, ranging from more

Give Experiences Instead of Things Part One: Museums

There might be several reasons why you might want to give your family experience gifts instead of physical objects — maybe you don’t have the space, maybe you would like to spend your free time doing something new together, maybe you’re tired of stepping on tiny plastic doll shoes and blocks. Whatever your reason, we

Three Things I Wish I Had

It’s been a while since I had a baby and things sure have changed since I was pregnant with my oldest 20 years ago. When you have your babies spaced out like I did (born in ’99, ’07, ’11, ’12) you experience changes in parenting trends, professional recommendations, and accessibility to resources. I’ll tell you,

Fall is (Almost) Here: Time to Think Pumpkin!

Pumpkin spice is back on the menu, Halloween pop-up stores are appearing in strip malls and there is occasionally a cool, seventy-some degree morning! That must mean that fall is around the corner and it’s time to start pondering all the fun fall activities in our future. One classic activity with kids is visiting the

Five Questions Never to Ask

We have all probably heard one (or more) of these asked, or maybe we’ve asked them ourselves. After being a parent and working with pregnant individuals and families, we’ve learned which questions should never be asked. So, let’s make life a little more pleasant for everybody and just ban a few questions from our conversation–don’t

“OMG, I’d never do that…”

Never is a very powerful word, and one that most people tend to use a lot before they become parents. “I would NEVER get an epidural.” “I would NEVER let my child sleep in my bed.” “I will NEVER talk to my children the way my mother talked to me.” Sometimes we are able to

5 “Encouraging” Things People Say to Parents and What to Say Instead

It’s hard to know how to be encouraging to new parents (or even not-so-new parents!) without being patronizing or unempathetic or just less than helpful. Here are some of the most common “encouraging” phrases that most new parents do not find helpful, plus a few suggestions for replacements! Cherish every moment.This is a popular one

Favorite Recipes | The Fayetteville Doulas

I love to cook. And I love trying new recipes. My kids and I get bored of the same handful of meals and I find myself looking for different things to make, not only for my own family but for postpartum clients as well. (Did you know that meal planning and cooking  is included in