Are you considering adding a birth doula to your birth team? Professional birth doulas are trained to provide unbiased, judgement free support to families. During early labor, they’re available for emotional support and encouragement. During active labor they can be a vital tool in the decision making process, provide encouragement, and physical comfort. Recently we asked families in Fayetteville NC and surrounding areas why they chose to hire a birth doula. Here are the top reasons!

1. They were unsure if spouse (or mother) was going to be available.

One of the obstacles our families face is deployments and trainings due to military commitment. These events are almost never easy to plan for so it makes sense that the the number one reason clients are choosing to hire a doula is to ensure they have the support they need.

“Unsure if spouse or mom was going to be there; wanted support for intervention free birth. Almost changed my mind at the end because spouse was going to be there, but will never regret having her [my doula] there.” –J

“I needed another woman there who knew what I was going through, as my mother couldn’t be at my birth” –A

“I hired a doula because I knew my mom wouldn’t be here, and my husband doesn’t handle births well.” -E


2. They felt like they needed the extra support to reach their goals.
VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) clients and those who were wanting an unmedicated, intervention free experience opted for a birth doula so they could feel supported and encouraged by someone who knows birth, local hospital policy/protocol, and has a relationship with hospital staff.

“My husband may know me, but in those weak labor/contraction moments, she knew exactly what to say to get me through them.” –R

“Because I wanted this time to be different. And it was.” –E

“I also hired a doula to have my back, whatever I chose. And also to give me the best chances at the birth I wanted.” –E


3. To support their partner/family member.
When our clients are able to have their spouse or mother or other close family member attend their birth, they still may not receive the type of support they need. Hiring a doula helped them feel supported in every aspect, and also gave them assurance that their doula would provide support to their spouse as well.

“I’ll be exactly as supported as I desire to be. Also she will keep him from panicking and feeling like he’s incompetent and forgetting everything he has learned to prepare.” –A

“To have someone help my husband take better care of me.” –J


There it is. The top reasons why families in the Fayetteville NC area choose to hire a birth doula! Do you relate to any of these? We’re here to help! Contact us today to request a welcome packet, or to set up your complimentary consultation.

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